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Everybody is familiar with the phrase, “no pain, no gain” in sports, but when does the pain mean something more serious? Even little tweaks here, or aches there can be a sign of imbalance or weakness and could lead to more serious injury. By assessing gait and balance abnormalities, at your Pearland Sports Clinic, we can determine the mechanism leading to the pain and subsequent time off from activity. Our drug free, natural approach will speed your recovery, make you stronger, and push you to new levels. Injuries to the soft tissue develop adhesions which limit function and range of motion to the area. Through use of techniques learned from the Fascial Distortion Model, we are able to determine the type of fascial disruption and the correct treatment to use. To learn more about our soft tissue technique call to schedule a free consultation with Dr. Eric Ramirez, DC.

Soft tissue techniques include:

  • Kinesiotape™
  • Graston™
  • Myofascial Release
  • E-stim/Ultrasound
  • Nutrition to speed tissue healing

Our work does not end with the end of your pain as we educate you on the proper biomechanics needed for safe activity. By educating our patients on the mechanism of their injury and showing them the proper motion of the body and its joints we can ensure more pain free days enjoying their favorite activity. Don't mask the symptoms...Fix Them!


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